Haus der jüdischen Geschichte und Kultur von Baden

Why Bruchsal?

A House of the History of Baden's Jews is unique in the country, a lighthouse project unique in southwestern Germany with an effect beyond Baden.

No other municipality can boast such a historic property as Bruchsal. No other municipality built a fire station on a site on which the local synagogue previously stood, which was burned down during the Reichspogromnacht without the fire brigade intervening. Unique in Germany.

The added value for Bruchsal

Bruchsal is currently defined mainly by the asparagus wholesale market and the Schönborn Baroque palace. The Museum of Music Automatons is less in the focus of advertising efforts to attract tourists and to convey a positive image of this city.

According to official figures, around 90,000 visitors visit Bruchsal Castle every year. For years, there have been discussions about how to make the city centre attractive to these tourists with its diverse shopping possibilities and the multitude of high-quality gastronomy. Currently, many tourists travel by bus and get back on the bus after visiting the castle to reach their next destination.

A high-quality, uniques house of the history of the Jews of Baden serves here as a further attraction for guests of the city. By connecting the castle to the city centre via the so-called castle axis or castle promenade, guests/visitors are also visually guided to the House of the History of the Jews of Baden. From here it is only a few steps to the other attractive, inviting places of the city.

The Bet Tahara (Tahara house) on the Jewish part of the Bruchsal cemetery. Photo: R. Schmitt

Not far from the House of the History of Baden's Jews is Otto-Oppenheimer-Platz with the Otto-Oppenheimer-Platz-artwork, which is inaugurated at the end of this year. This work of art is certainly a tourist attraction that will strengthen the Obere Kaiserstraße again. Another destination for visitors interested in Jewish history is the Bruchsal Jewish cemetery with the Bet Tahara and the Obergrombacher Jewish Association Cemetery.

The House of History can be reached on foot in a few minutes from the Bruchsal railway station. There are excellent parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the Haus der Geschichte der Juden Badens.

Children and grandchildren of voluntarily emigrated, expelled Jews or Holocaust survivors are increasingly visiting the home of their parents or grandparents. For these visitors to Baden, the House of History is an important starting point, as the House of the History of the Jews of Baden gives them an insight into the life of their ancestors in their former Baden homeland.

The House of the History of the Jews of Baden offers good jobs, especially for scientists and scientific staff.

More guests in Bruchsal's inner city means more trade, more gastronomy and more overnight stays.

The proximity to the administration for the palaces and gardens in Baden-Württemberg (Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg), which is housed in the Bruchsal Palace, results in significant synergy effects, especially in the area of advertising.